Who We Are

Redstone Elementary is a neighborhood school offering Kindergarten through 5th grade as well as preschool, before and after school care. We have a variety of special programming to meet the needs of our diverse student population including:  Gifted and Talented, Moderate Needs Special Education, Significant Support Needs and English Language Development. We have also developed  a solid intervention program which provides academic intervention in reading, writing and math as well as enrichment opportunities for students. We support the social emotional growth of our students through the involvement of our full time counselor and our school psychologist. Our counselor provides instruction to all students through classroom lessons and also offers more intensive support as needed through small group focused intervention.

Our enrollment at Redstone  is just over 450 students. We value small class sizes so teachers are able to provide individual attention and differentiate in the classroom to meet the needs of each learner. We also break down student ratios in classrooms through the inclusion of educational assistants as well as high school and parent volunteers in the classrooms. 

We believe in a balanced instructional approach across content areas. In our classroom you will see direct teaching and modeling by teachers, opportunities for students to participate in guided practice as well as targeted small group and individual instruction and support. We are dedicated to developing the reading, writing and math skills of our students as well as enriching them through our science and social studies content. Our teachers use the Colorado Academic Standards to guide their instructional planning and use our curriculum resources to support their instruction. Currently we use programs including: Wonders Reading, Bechmark Phonics, Every Child a Writer, Lucy Calkins Writing Units of Study, Envision Mathematics and STEMscopes Science.

At Redstone we believe in providing students with a well rounded education through the incorporation of the arts. We have full time Essentials classes for students in Music, Art and Physical Education. We also have a librarian and a technology support teacher that meet with students weekly to provide ongoing instruction.