Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad 2019-2020

Why Should you Join Math Olympiad?

Do you love math? Do you want to challenge yourself and have a great time doing it? Math Olympiad is a club that will teach major strategies for problem solving, create enthusiasm for mathematics, and provide an enriching and satisfying way to challenge yourself in math. We will meet weekly to work on problem solving and learn new strategies. Throughout the year there will be 5 contests that students will participate, in which they will compete against students across the United States. Students will receive a certificate and depending on their scores on the contest students will receive patches or trophies.

Application forms will be posted here later this fall. The teacher recommendation forms can also be found on the same site or by clicking here.

We can only accept 35 students so this will be an application process for students in 4th and 5th grade. Students must work hard, be reliable to make the meeting dates, and must show perseverance when solving challenging math problems.

We will be meeting Tuesday mornings so please make sure you will be able to attend each meeting!

Contest Dates:

Meeting Dates

Math Olympiad Contact: Danelle Hall ([email protected])

Meeting Dates

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