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Ms. Johnson

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Welcome to second grade!  I am looking forward to a great year!  Summer is here and I hope you have some fun things planned! 

 My name is Jodie Johnson and I will be your child's Second Grade teacher. I am very excited to be doing what I love at such a wonderful place. Second Grade is such an exciting time for kiddos. Everything is new and interesting to them. They walk through the door full of wonder and curiosity and wanting to learn about everything. I hope to foster that love of curiosity and learning in your child. Our classroom will be a very busy place, full of activity, laughter, and learning. Kiddos will be busy and active discovering their own interests and learning about so many new things. All kiddos have the capacity to learn and I will make that journey of learning and discovery an exciting one. I believe strongly in a balanced classroom where academics play an important role, but the social growth of the child is an equally important role.

My goal this year is for each student to learn in a stimulating and responsive learning environment. In my classroom, your child will feel secure, as well as challenged. It is my hope that each child in my class will exhibit a high degree of proficiency in all areas as well as develop a joy of learning that will endure. The social and emotional growth of your child is just as important to me as his/her academic growth and development.

I have taught for a total of 16 years and I am beginning my 17th year with your child. I have taught second grade all of those years.  I have been here since Redstone opened and cannot believe all the changes and growth. I earned my degree from the University of Northern Colorado in Social Sciences with an emphasis in elementary education.  I have always thought Second Grade to be such a magical year and I have loved every minute that I have been fortunate enough to teach it. And because of that and my very own second grade teacher, that is why I wanted to teach second grade.  I have discovered that the truly magical part of my job is watching my kiddos faces light up when they discover they are capable of so many wonderful things.

On a more personal note - I have lived in Colorado most of my life.  I moved here from California when I was 13 and could not imagine living anywhere else.  I currently live in Highlands Ranch. I also enjoy watching movies, shopping, walking, and spending time with my family and friends.

I am thrilled to be starting this new year off with your child in my class. I know that together with you we can make this a fantastic year for your child.

Please feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions.