3rd Grade

Third Grade Mission Statement

We will synergize to create positive, enthusiastic, and meaningful learning environments, where all students feel safe and equipped to reach their personal potential. New learning is based on the needs of our students.

3rd Grade Team

 Check out these great multiplication videos to help build automaticity in multiplication.  Use these videos for the 10 minutes of multiplication fact practice. 

Khan Academy

This is a free online resource that allows students to learn anytime, anywhere with material that is uniquely appropriate to them. Students can explore new topics and practice their math skills by using interactive exercises, videos and tutorials, and practices.  As students learn, their progress feeds into reports that show important information such as strengths and weaknesses in concepts. This is NOT REQUIRED but rather a good resource for you to use if you would like your child to be working more at home. Your child's username and password is located in the homework folder.
If you are looking for extra math practice to challenge your child, please visit www.ixl.com.  Go to the three grade tab (or above if greater challenge is desired) and have them work under a-d.  IXL limits the number of problems in a day but it is great practice to keep those math skills sharp!



3rd Grade Class Schedule